Break Like a Champ


Just a little about me.

My entire life people have been trying to fit me into a category. When I lost my right eye at the age of 3 years old they called me partially blind, when I destroyed my hand in an accident at 9 they tried to call me disabled, when I didn’t fit in in High School they tried to call me a loser.

Now people call me things like; Family Man, Martial Artist, 14x World Champion, 6th Degree Black Belt, Leader in the Martial Arts industry, Businessman, Entrepreneur, Leader, Community Builder, Author, Professional Speaker, yadda yadda yadda. The fact is I am a pretty simple guy that just happens to know a lot about martial arts, particularly about BREAKING. I love leadership, and believe that every man, woman, and even child has to embrace their best role as a leader in order to navigate this crazy world we live in.

I am the founder of Team Chip Tae Kwon Do Centers, and my team and I currently have 6 different locations with over 1 thousand students in both Texas and Oklahoma, with no plan of stopping our growth. We are changing lives, strengthening families, and most of all empowering people through martial arts!

So follow me. I will help YOU learn to Break Like a Champ! Let’s do this!

– Chip Townsend

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